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At Grey-Box, our mission is to build accessible digital tools that promote autonomy and empowerment within communities located in remote areas—where the internet and electricity are unreliable. We are a social impact startup in which the students will have a modern workplace environment that is asynchronous and remote friendly, with a flexible schedule. WIL will allow you to work on social issues, become more responsible citizens while acquiring professional skills.



Unlock the doors to transformative opportunities in a dynamic team. Whether your expertise lies in Marketing, HR, or Data Science, we’re on the hunt for passionate individuals ready to make an impact. Join us and bring your unique perspective to the table.

Why Work at Grey-Box?


 The rapid feedback system that we have at Grey-Box ensures that our team receives feedback and suggestions on their work as readily as possible.


Get your hands dirty by working with our team on real-world projects. Our philosophy is that we can make mistakes, as long as we learn along the way.


The team uses Slack, Google Meet, and Notion to communicate and synchronize our schedules, documentation, and virtual meetings, so you can work from anywhere in the world!


At Grey-box, we give you the freedom to pick the work you are interested in doing. When you complete an interesting task, you feel a greater sense of accomplishment.

Experience WIL at Grey-Box

Conducting a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience with Grey-Box is a great way to enhance your professional development and build valuable experience in the industry. WIL programs provide a unique opportunity to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application in a real-world work environment. By participating in a WIL experience, you will have the chance to apply the theoretical knowledge and skills you have acquired during your studies to actual workplace scenarios. This hands-on approach enables you to gain a deeper understanding of the industry and develop practical skills that are highly sought after by employers.

Moreover, a WIL experience allows you to develop essential employability skills such as communication, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability. These skills are highly transferable and can significantly enhance your future employability prospects. Employers often value practical experience as it demonstrates your ability to apply knowledge in a real-world context and suggests a higher level of readiness for the demands of the job. In addition to skill development, a WIL experience with Grey-Box provides a chance to explore different career paths within your field of study. It allows you to gain insights into various roles, responsibilities, and industry practices, helping you make informed decisions about your future career trajectory.

Furthermore, engaging in a WIL experience demonstrates initiative, motivation, and a proactive approach to learning. It shows potential employers that you are willing to go beyond the classroom and actively seek out opportunities to enhance your knowledge and skills. This level of commitment can set you apart from other candidates in the competitive job market.




But don’t just take our word for it – see what our past WIL students think.

Michael Jun
Software Developer

“Grey-box is an excellent opportunity to work on worthwhile, innovative projects that I am proud to participate in; While providing a superb opportunity to tackle unique problems and grow a diverse skill set.


Joseph LaBianca
Software Developer
University at Albany

“Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to work with you it was a ton of fun and very interesting. Honestly I don’t really have any bad feedback about the experience working with you, everything was great! The only thing that might have needed to work on the organization with the past files that needed to be labeled with dates so that we know when they were last updated. But other then that everything was great!”

Cristian Ciungu, Dev/Testing
McGill University

“I enjoyed my internship at Grey-box given that I got the chance to develop my hardware verification skills while being exposed to other aspects of a start-up such as marketing, software development, project management and so on. The autonomy I was entrusted with from the beginning let me take ownership of my tasks and improve my reliability. Moreover, the company’s onboarding process made me feel comfortable about approaching other colleagues for questions.”

Ambrose Ngayinoko
Software Developer
University at Albany

“My experience with Grey-Box was absolutely a positive experience where I got to improve my coding experience and learn how to work with others in a real world. Honestly, the experience I received from participating in Grex-Box project helped me to further my career presently at Ivy as an ML Research Engineer Intern (while applying to jobs).”

Sara Ospina Jaramillo,
Marketing + Content Creator
University Canada West

“Grey-Box taught me about the importance of embracing failure as a stepping stone to success. To overcome the fear of making mistakes and instead view them as opportunities for growth and learning. Lastly, Grey-Box showed me the significance of having a supportive and cohesive work team.”

Qandeel Mya,
Web Developer

“The more I learn about Grey-box’s vision, the more I realize how this could make a major difference on a global scale. Grey Box has found an exciting way to connect humans to learning. I get to work on a combination of hardware and software to bring this vision to life – a creative and technical thinker.”

Carolina Guimarães
Marketing Intern
Toronto School of Management

“I did not think twice before joining Grey-Box because I believe a lot in the UNI project and it is an opportunity to help Brazil and other places against the lack of internet access. I had a wonderful time working at Grey-Box. I like the structure, environment, tools, and work we do!”

Jivesh Bhambhani,
Digital Marketer

“Volunteering at Grey-box has been a wonderful experience for me so far,  the working environment here is driven by young and energetic people working towards a societal contribution in aiding educational resources to those people who do not have access to such resources and tools.”

Meet The Projects Our Interns Have Worked On


The purpose of UNI is to provide an easy to use alternative to offline internet that is compatible with existing portable devices and that is low cost. Do you know that it is possible to ‘carry’ an entire library of Wikipedia and Khan Academy on the go? Grey-box developed a portable hotspot that provides offline access to digital resources.

Project Symmetry

Did you know that there are over 7,000 languages in the world? English is not the only language that should be considered as the focal point. As such, Grey-box is working on Project Symmetry. Project Symmetry is based on Machine Learning Models trained to improve the translation of content like Wikipedia into under-represented languages. The goal is to build a semantic understanding of similar articles in various Wikipedia languages and provide relevant translations for missing information.

Web Scraper

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to browse through an entire website – without any Internet connection!? Grey-box is developing a program to clone websites so users can access these sites without the need for any Internet access. This web scraping tool will effectively clone websites such that users can view and access them without the use of Internet directly on our UNI device.

Project Mesh

Project Mesh allows low-cost Android devices (like UNI) to wirelessly connect themselves (mesh) to augment existing functionality and enable new functionality. Facilitating shared storage between devices and user-to-user communication will be the first functionality implemented once mesh networking is achieved.

Medical Codex

This project aims at translating & finding equivalence for medical data and equipment

Where Our Interns Have Come From

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