Connect to Online Resources, Offline.

Did you know? 54.4% of internet users
in rural Canada do not have access
to reliable broadband internet.

In addition, over 66% of on-reserve homes
do not have high-speed internet.

We’re here to bridge the digital divide.

Meet UNI, a portable WiFi hotspot
that makes online resources accessible, without internet.

Canada’s Digital Divide

Even though Canada is a developed country, there are still many regions where basic internet is not easily accessible. This can have a serious impact on the quality of educational, financial, and job opportunities for those who are affected.

To replicate this version of the Government of Canada’s National Broadband Internet Service Availability map, select the following criteria under the Layer Selector tab:

1. Aggregated Presentation:

Current 50/10 Mbps areas:

  • >50% to 75%
  • >25% to 50%
  • >0% to 26%

2. Other Supporting Layers:

Display points:

  • Communities without fibre backbone
  • Satellite-dependent communities

How Can UNI Bridge the Divide?


This portable hotspot provides wireless access to pre-loaded digital resources by leveraging existing open-access educational resources such as Wikipedia and Khan Academy. 


UNI provides a connectivity bridge that allows populations who do not have access to the Internet to access valuable resources for the purpose of teaching, learning and researching.


UNI works with devices that the local populations are already using, such as inexpensive Android phones and old model laptops with wi-fi compatibility, making it a feasible solution.

Watch the Demo

Watch Grey-Box Founder and CEO, Valentin Kravtchenko give a quick demonstration of how UNI works, in one of Park Canada’s most magnificent parks – Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site

Look to see where 13 UNI devices were deployed within Parks Canada’s Forges du Saint-Maurice National Historic Site.

13 UNI devices - Park Canada

Connect Anywhere, Anytime


Lighter than the average phone

Pre-loaded educational content

Add your own content in seconds


Low power usage

Cellphone charger, portable battery & solar power-friendly


Dust and heat resistant

Built for extreme environments

Compatible with local devices, i.e. older Android phones and laptops


Works in the field

100-metre range connection

Connect up to 10 devices at a time

Pilot Project Deployments

Grey-Box has entered into pilot projects with Parks Canada (Fred Pellerin’s journey in the Forges-du-Saint-Maurice), Boîte à Science (MIT’s Scratch and Microsoft’s MakeCode Educational School Kits), La Escuela Más Grande del Mundo in schools around rural Mexico, the Canadian Midwives Association, with The Red Book Challenge, the Université du Kwango, Hechtman Ventures, UNESCO Chair in Curriculum Development, U Aid Stitching, Fast Networks Malawi, World Mobile Group, and TATECH HUB.

Deploy UNI Today

Fill out the form below to learn more about becoming a tester and deploying UNI on the field. Let’s make education accessible for everyone, regardless of their socio-economic level or location.