Our Journey

Working in the intersection of the tech startup culture and the humanitarian help field is definitely not the easiest path, but we would not do it any other way.


The idea

  • During an educational mission in West Africa, Grey-box’s founder, Valentin Kravtchenko was stuck in a slow and expensive cyber-coffee shop.

Another continent

  • In Bolivian with OXFAM, the same question arises. What about the communities located in remote areas, where internet and electricity access is unreliabl?

D3 Center Incubator

  • Grey-box was awarded the best BMV in the D3center’s incubator – a first for a social innovation project.

Testing phase I

  •  The deployment of the first prototypes were made in 5 countries in Central America

New product

  • Based on field testing results, we adjusted the design of our devices

Testing phase II

  • Deployement in remote communities in Canada