It’s no surprise that with all the tech trends and new emerging platforms, it can be hard to keep up with the status quo. Technology stops for no one and neither do trends! At Grey-box, we are always keeping an eye out on what best practices are here to stay and which ones have retired.

In this episode of Community Talks with Grey-box, we featured special guests and industry experts Yann Giroux, CEO of Oplan, and Timothy Pereira, Co-Founder of AI Launch Lab / Lancement IA to discuss all things trending. While rapidly witnessing and encountering new movements within the tech space (especially non-profit!), these shifts are often driven by trends and carried through the need to eliminate friction, increase better workflow, or a means to create autonomy. Curious to hear which trends are coming up and what these experts have to say?

Key Tech Trends

Will New Tech Replace Employees

Technology is not a Strategy

Check out the full episode here.