In the last few years, the rise of women in leadership roles has slowly begun to set precedent for how companies should be conducting themselves when it comes to workplace inclusion and gender equity. As we see the impact of trailblazing women in leadership positions, many companies and businesses have since worked to ensure that their workplace standards address both gender equity and work culture. However, the road continues to remain unpaved and until it becomes a norm across the board, we must continue to do the work.

In this episode of Women & Leadership, we bring on fellow industry experts; a combination of entrepreneurs, innovators, and founders to discuss their take on the current state of leadership with a specific focus on women in workplaces.

What does digital and workplace inclusion look like? Is there a blind spot when it comes to ensuring women are seen, heard, and most importantly, listened to? Lastly, how do we ensure we can provide success, and what gender gaps are we still not addressing? Take a look down below to hear our guests take on these questions.

Leadership Styles

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