On June 21, Sri Lankan authorities that State and government-approved private schools across Colombo and surrounding regions will be closed, impacting children’s education once again. This impacts their education once again, as COVID-19 previously disrupted their learning. While schools were closed for 1.5 years during the pandemic, they reopened at the start of 2022. However, this crisis now has forced them to close multiple times so far this year.

This closure further disrupts children’s education across many major cities and towns. Moreover, the decision to close Sri Lankan schools prevents children from accessing free school meals, something many kids rely on. According to Save the Children, 50% of families were struggling to support their children’s education and some children were already dropping out of school. This is problematic, ultimately hindering children’s education.

In fact, the government of Sri Lanka has requested that schools across the country re-introduce online learning systems. These systems were in-place during COVID-19 but many families are unable to afford the data required to use these systems. As well, some children and families within rural areas don’t have access to the internet or have to share a device with multiple other people.

With a lack of fuel for both private and public vehicles within the country, several children are left without a means of transportation to school. Sadly, with the ongoing fuel crisis, it seems likely that children will be forced to miss school, ultimately hindering their education.


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