Moving quicker than we can count, technology is rapidly evolving every day. No matter how many Youtube videos or conferences you attend, we can only imagine what it has in store for us. As such, tech trends are the theme of this episode. 

While some may speculate about autonomous vehicles, deep learning, and industrial robots, there is still time in front of us before we can accurately say what it will be. In episode 8 of Grey-Box’s Community Talks, we feature special guests Paul Fotheringham, Founder of 3D LifePrints, and Alex Ross, Managing Director of Loop, to talk about tech trends.

“So I think it’ll all be a voice. I don’t think there will be any written; you’ll hear it and speak it in your language. So I’ll be speaking to you in English, and you’ll be-, if you’re in Spain, speaking to me in Spanish, and I’ll be hearing English, and you’ll be hearing Spanish from me, and it’ll be much more visual, and it’ll be real-time.” – Alex Ross

Where do you see technology progressing in the next 10-15 years? Will it be better? Will it be worse?

Let us know your thoughts below and watch the full episode here.

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