The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has profoundly impacted the country’s education system. The conflict has forced the closure of schools, displaced teachers and students, and left many children without access to education


According to UNICEF, over 2,600 schools have been damaged or destroyed since the conflict started, leaving only 25% of nationwide schools accessible for in-person learning. 3.6 million children have been affected by school closures, particularly in conflict-affected areas.

To combat this, extensive work must be done to provide children access to distance learning opportunities through educational resources and support., including school kits, books, and learning materials. Additionally, implementing programs to support mobile education and distance learning, reaching children in areas where schools are closed or inaccessible, is crucial.


However, the digital divide, where many children lack access to technology or the internet, can worsen existing inequalities, leaving the most vulnerable children behind. UNICEF addresses this challenge by providing children with digital devices, establishing internet hotspots in communities and schools, and training teachers and parents to support digital learning. To find out more about the education crisis in Ukraine, visit the UNICEF website at the links below.