Khan Academy is a non-profit producing high quality, free educational content for students everywhere. Popular subjects include:

  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Science (physics, chemistry, biology)
  • Economics

Each UNI device offers full offline access to Khan Academy in many different languages such as Armenian, Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Bangla, and more. What makes this content a valuable resource is that students can take as much time as they need— a luxury in many parts of the world. In Malawi, class sizes frequently reach over 100 students. Edith Chiwalo, teacher at Mbayani Primary School in Blantyre, Malawi, explains that “it is difficult to give the children individual attention in such a big class” (1). As such, students can learn at their own pace and review topics until they feel confident, whereas an overcrowded classroom might leave them behind.

Many studies illustrate the positive correlation between Khan Academy usage and improved learning outcomes. For example, a two-year study on Californian schools found that supplementing regular teaching activity with Khan Academy improved students’ engagement, opportunities to practice class content and ownership over learning (2). Other research observed that this tool increased ninth graders’ math performance in Sri Lanka (3). These are only a few results from the rising, international body of research on Khan Academy but the results indicate that the platform is beneficial in improving students learning.

As of now, Khan Academy requires an internet connection, which is where Grey-box steps in within remote areas! Grey-Box’s portable hotspot, UNI, allows disadvantaged students of all age levels access to this content offline. With Grey-box, users can finally access Khan Academy content “anywhere” as UNI is light-weight, cost-efficient, easy to maintain and will resist heat, dust, pressure and humidity. At any time, 10 students within a 100-meter radius can connect to their personalized KA lessons via UNI and take control over their learning.

Interesting topics you can learn on Khan Academy include trigonometry, macroeconomics, art history, high school biology, and college-level calculus to name a few. As per the format, one can learn topics via videos, articles, interactive simulations, exercise sets, and practice tests. Grey-box is committed to bridging this wealth of information to those who need it.

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