Introducing technology into educational systems definitely comes with its challenges. One of the main issues, much like any habit, is working towards incorporating it into your routine and making sure it’s sustainable. How do we keep students and even teachers consistent or engaged?

In episode 5, Educational Tools & Learning Support, we featured special guest Yann Giroux CEO & Founder of Oplan on previous Grey-Box’s Community Talk. Oplan offers time management tools for teachers and students to help reduce any roadblocks there may regarding learning in classrooms. Yann Giroux explained that tracking and understanding the user and where they struggle is a good way to understand how to keep them engaged. When it comes to using tools in edtech, engagement is the priority and it is important to look at the data to be able to identify which tasks need more time or progress.

“It’s a complex question and it depends on the nature of your technology, but engagement is definitely key because if I’m using that twice a year, you won’t see any results”. – Yann Giroux

How Do You Make Edtech Habits Stick?

Edtech Adoption in Canada vs. Africa

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